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Individual Therapy

Individual therapy, also referred to as “counseling,” is conducted with a mental health professional to aid in addressing struggles with anxiety, depression, additional mental illness, or life stressors such as divorce, self-esteem, and grief. The therapist may provide a mental health diagnosis if it applies. Together, the individual and the therapist will collaborate on treatment goals and scheduling sessions to address mental health, coping strategies, support systems, problem solving, building resilience, and developing skills to manage life stressors. Currently, our therapists do not provide treatment for drug and alcohol related problems, but may provide support in relapse prevention and sustained recovery.

Treatment is often brief and can include a variety of evidence-based interventions to process stress and build resilience towards the future. Outpatient therapy is a low level of care in mental health treatment, and our therapists can provide community resources for additional support or a referral to a more appropriate treatment should an individual require specialized or more intensive care.

Our therapists provide individual therapy to adults, adolescents, and children ages 4 years and older.