About Us

Since 1988.


Initially incorporated in 1988, Stocki & Neil Counseling Associates, P.C. was founded as a Florida Corporation by Dr. Stephanie Stocki and Dr. John Neil. Returning to Dr. Neil’s roots in 1996, the couple moved their practice to the Williamsport area. Their general outpatient mental health practice steadily grew since its relocation, building ties within the medical community and supporting the development of Associates in Neuropsychology & Collaborative Healthcare, P.C. and Lycoming Therapeutic Wraparound Services, Inc. Dr.’s Stocki and Neil are committed to developing much-needed treatment programs that benefit the Williamsport area and surrounding communities.

Our Mission

Stocki & Neil Counseling Associates, P.C. recognizes our mission as one which assists at improving the quality of life of individuals and families in a compassionate and confidential environment.


Individual Psychotherapy - Individualized Treatment Plans


Parenting Education - Involvement


Relationship Intervention


Relapse Prevention

Programs and Services

Stocki & Neil Counseling Associates, P.C. is in a unique position in our community to provide mental health treatment, offering mental health counseling to children, adults, and families.

We tailor an individualized plan based on each person’s specific needs and utilize a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary treatment approach to assist individuals in enhancing their quality of life. The treatment plan is developed in collaboration with the client and a professional, with specific expertise in differentiating issues.

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