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Behavioral Consultant

A Behavioral Consultant (BC) is a Master’s level clinician who provides behavioral support services to a child or adolescent, and their family outside of an office setting (such as in the home, school, or community settings.) This is a mode of Intensive Behavioral Health Services (IBHS), which is a more intensive therapy appropriate for children or adolescents diagnosed with a DSM-V mental health disorder. These children typically display severe behaviors within either their home, school and community environments and in certain cases, in jeopardy of being placed into a more restrictive environment. This could mean that the child’s behaviors are unmanageable by the parents, teachers, daycare workers, teachers, or other adults in the child’s life.

The BC will identify target needs, assess mental health concerns, and develop a treatment plan to address ways to decrease problem behaviors, learn new skills, and provide support to caregivers or other adults. The BC may require a Behavioral Health Technician (BHT) who provides one-on-one direct support and interventions from the treatment plan under the supervision of the BC.