What is BHRS?

Lycoming Therapeutic provides Behavioral Health Rehabilitative Services (BHRS) to children and adolescents diagnosed with mental health disorders or serious emotional disturbances. These children typically display severe behaviors within either their home or school environment and are in some jeopardy of being placed into a more restrictive environment.

Once we receive a referral, we work with all other service providers involved, such as guidance counselors, classroom teachers, caseworkers, and parents, to “wraparound” the child and provide individualized intervention. We develop and implement an individualized treatment plan to use as a guide in stabilizing the child. Our goal is to transfer skills to the family, and provide the child with the skills needed to understand and control their behaviors that are associated with their personal mental health disorder. We provide this service in accordance to CASSP Principles.

How does someone get these services?

  • A child’s behaviors or symptoms must indicate a DSM IV mental health diagnosis AND the child must be in some jeopardy of being placed in a more restrictive environment. This could mean that the child’s behaviors are unmanageable by the parents, teachers, daycare workers, or other adults in the child’s life.
  • These services must be specifically recommended in a written Psychological or Psychiatric Evaluation.
  • The child or adolescent must have or acquire Medical Assistance.


Call Lycoming Therapeutic at 570.322.5051

to schedule a psychological evaluation and we will determine if these services are medically necessary.


Who provides the treatment?

At Lycoming Therapeutic, we have an incredible pool of staff with many years of experience. It is the Executive Director’s responsibility to assign a mental health staff member that will best suit the child, taking into consideration the child’s behaviors of concern, culture, demographics, and family preferences.

Behavior Specialist Consultant (BSC)

The BSC designs and directs the implementation of the treatment plan and coordinates care with other service providers. (Master’s or Doctorate degree’d mental health professional)

Mobile Therapist (MT)

The MT provides 1:1 therapy/counseling to the child and family outside of an office setting. The MT can also design and direct the implementation of the treatment plan and coordinate care with other services providers. (Master’s degree’d mental health professional).

Therapeutic Support Staff (TSS)

The TSS provides 1:1 interventions to the child under the direction of the BSC or MT. (Bachelor’s degree’d mental health professional). TSS from Lycoming Therapeutic receives over 20 hours per year of ongoing training.